Mongrel in development env photo upload problem

I have tried multiple apps that upload photos to run in my development
environment and had no success until I forced the webrick server
instead of mongrel. Now, no problems. I am developing on a windows
machine with an InstantRails setup. Anyone else hear of this problem?

do you have maximum file size for upload files set? I remember
problems when it was set on some configurations with mongrel.

B. thanks for the reply. I only have file size in app. Have been
looking for config for mongrel but no luck yet. Can you tell me where
that is in the file structure?

What happen if you disable file size limitation? Does it work then?


I have an image uploader running mongrel w/ InstantRails as my dev
environment and I don't have any issues with it... regardless of size
of the image. Infact, I just uploaded a 9MB file into my app, resized
and cropped the image and it all worked fine.