Mongrel hangs when idle

Hello All,

This issue has been raised by so many people in this forum and in the
web before.
But i am not sure, whether all of those got fixed the issue.

My application is running in
1)rails 2.2.2
2)ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 287) [x86_64-linux]
3)MySQL 5.1.30-ndb-6.3.20-cluster-gpl MySQL Cluster Server (GPL)
4)Apache/2.2.3 + mongrel_cluster(1.0.5)

The mongrel is hanged when it is idle for some time.
I don't get any errors in the logs.

When i googled about this, i found the Mongrel FAQ page - which says to set
ActiveRecord::Base.verification_timeout = 14400. when i added this in
environment.rb i got warning as below:

DEPRECATION WARNING: ActiveRecord::Base.verification_timeout= has been
deprecated and no longer has any effect.

So the above solution failed.

I tried so many trials like increasing MySQL interactive_timeout to a
high value, updating the mysql gem etc... But no luck.

After so many trials and search i found that this issue rises only in
production mode. That is when config.cache_classes is set to true

In my stage environment also i am having the same configuration as my
production(rails, ruby, mysql, apache and mongrel_cluster). That is
config.cache_classes is set to true.

So, when config.cache_classes = true, the mongrel hangs up after a
idle time. When its is set to false, everything is O.K

I doubt whether this(config.cache_classes = true) is the cause of the
I am not sure whether DB connections are also cached if
config.cache_classes is set to true.

Please help me in solving the issue.

Any of your suggestions will be very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance

Murugaraj B