mongrel_cluster --prefix and static content

Hi Everyone

I have been searching for an answer for this all day, stumbling from page to page trying examples that don't work!

Anyway, I am trying to run multiple Rails apps sitting behind Apache2.2.

It is nearly there, apart from the static content (images, etc) is not delivered anymore (since configuring mongrel with --prefix flag). Note: this only applies to URLs not generated by Rails, such as those in CSS files.

I can understand why, for instance the CSS files contain links such as url(/images/foo.jpg) which work quite happily when mongrel is delivering only one app and does not need to be configured with -- prefix...

I thought that Apache Rewrite rules would be the answer, however I am not competent enough in their use to construct them myself yet, I found some on the Internet but alas this failed.

Short of modifying all the links to include the prefix to match mongrel, I am at a loss on what to do!

Any help with be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,