Modules/Mixins and accessing the calling object?

Hello there,

I am stuck at a problem regarding modules here. I have a module that's included in my model and I need to get to know the class name of my model from within the module. Problem is, that "self" is always pointing to the module class (at least I think so) and I do not know how to access the calling object.

Here's the code:

module ActiveRecord   module Acts     module AclControlled       def self.included(base)         base.send :extend, InstanceMethods         base.send :extend, ClassMethods       end

      module InstanceMethods         def controlled_object  "Fetching ControlledObject..."           controlled_object = ControlledObject.find (:first, :conditions => {:model => self.class.to_s, :model_id => })         end       end

      [...]     end   end end ActiveRecord::Base.send :include, ActiveRecord::Acts::AclControlled

Does anyone know how to get access to the calling object here? I tried the super object too, but this seems to point to the model without the mixin somehow.

Thanks in advance


Have to close this one, as it was my fault. Didn't notice that some of the methods I want to call are bound to classes rather than objects and of course I tested with the wrong ones. Sorry guys, but thanks again for your attention :slight_smile: