Modularisation: Using helper generating HTML output vs. using partials


I've got a general question: when do I use helper and when I do use
partials to modularise certain gui elements?

For example: I've got a faq list. Each item can be folded and unfolded
using ajax.

FAQ foo
-> question 1
-> question 2
-> question 3

So, I wrote a helper "faq_li_tag(args)" which takes the question and
answer for parameters and generates the HTML output.

But I also could have made a partial which creates the corresponding

What's the best solution? What are the criterias for this decision in

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

I use partials to factor out view templates to make them more
readable, and so that I can reuse portions of a view in other

I use helpers whenever view logic is starting to get intertwined with
the view code. So presentation-only code is in the views/partials,
and any logic (is this user an admin? should they see a sidebar now?
etc.) goes into helpers.