modifying an association during inheritance

I have a Team class that inherits from a Group class. Both Team and Groups have memberships through the same association. However, I need to run a method after a Team memberships is added but not a Group. I currently have something like this:

class Group < ActiveRecord::Base   has_many :memberships,            :class_name => 'Connection',            :foreign_key => 'connectable_id',            :as => :connectable,            :dependent => :destroy end

class Team < Group   has_many :memberships,            :class_name => 'Connection',            :foreign_key => 'connectable_id',            :as => :connectable,            :dependent => :destroy,            :after_add => :add_company_membership

private    def membership_check(membership)    end end

Is there some way to modify the inherited association in Team so that I don't have to redefine the entire thing but rather just add the :after_add hook it?

Any help would be appreciated.