Modeling customer/supplier roles.

Hi there,

I’m trying to decide the best approach for a person/company/customer/supplier model.
I researching about STI and polymorphic associations, but cant decide which way to go.

  • Companies and persons can be, at the same time, customers or suppliers. They can have many roles.

  • Company and person share many basic information (addresses, telephones, emails, etc).

Any advices?

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Don't make customers & suppliers separate models/tables. Make them attributes of a single model. It seems that ***EVERY*** business/accounting package on earth makes this same mistake. For anybody in a "broker" type business line, where it's common to both buy & sell from the same companies, this is a huge annoyance.

As for company vs person, I don't have a terribly strong opinion to offer about 1 model with attribute vs 2 models with inherited base.

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You may not even want companies designated via attributes as customer or supplier. You may just want companies, and let the transaction history tell you who's a customer and who's a supplier, as that can change at any time.

Hey Scott, thanks for your quick reply.

I’m inclined to think 2 models with inheritance base for Person/Company, using STI.

Altho it would be good to associate a person with a company.

About supplies and customers, I think I cant rely only on transaction history.

Many customers for example only have maintenance contracts which will not be registered in this system.

But I need to know they are customers if they open a support ticket or to send a satisfaction survey, for example.