Model types implementations: EAV-attributes VS flat tables.

Hello all.

I'm new in rails, and I've having some troubles about deisgning my
database and rails models.
I need to store different types of places(entertainments, hotels,
sights) in database. This are different types if one entity, and they
have different sets of attributes. So my question is what is a proper
way to design: EAV-attributes or flat tables for each one entity.

This how I see each one:
EAV-attributes - needs 3 more tables: place_type, type_attributes,
attributes_values which will store attirbutes inside and join in to
model dynamicaly. The pros of this method is that I can easily add/
remove attributes. Also I can easily filter places just by type, but
having pain joining attributes for each entity

Flat tables - needs extra tables for each one type. It's the easiest
way to store different types but needs a lot of relations tables
because of my model. I also store user-place relations so I need
different tables for each relation.
Also I have translations which also complicates relations.