Model Question

Hi --


so I have a situation that I'm finding hard to model. I have two
objects, User and Message. Here's a condensed version of what they look
like below:

id: integer
name: string

id: integer
from_id: integer (should point to a user)
to_id: integer (should point to a user)
body: string

I'm working on my tests and have my fixture data all in place. My first
test goes something like this:

m = Message.find(1)

db table looks like (hope the 'formatting' works):

> id | to_id | from_id | body |
> 1 | 2 | 1 | blah |
> 2 | 1 | 2 | foo |

The user table is should be self-explanatory. I also have no foreign
keys specifically set as I read in various blog postings that this was
not necessary from a rails standpoint and I have other models &
relationships working fine w/out it.

My big prob is I'm not able to figure out the right relationship type:
messages belongs_to user and user has many message_tos? That kind of
stuff. This is a fairly simple association and I dunno why I'm having so
many probs w/it.

Any suggestions? Been going round with this thing for hours now. Tia!

If you're in the market for modifying the schema, you might want to do
what's described here:

Basically the model I used involved the notion of a Correspondence.
Every message belongs to a correspondence. Every message also belongs
to a sender and a receiver. This might run aground on messages sent
to many people (the whole thrust of the application I was working on
was private exchanges), but it's another example of how one might
think in terms of an intermediate class and the CRUD alignment that
might bring about.