Model.count broken by Rails 2.0.x

Have a working 1.2.6 application (OS X 10.4.11, Ruby 1.8.6), which I am
now trying to run under 2.0.2 (via freeze).

First snag I've run into that I can't find any info on is that Rails is
gagging on a simple .count statement like this:

  (Comment.count ["article_id = ?", (session[:selected_article])])

It would appear that the ? is not be substituted with a quoted value.
Rails generates a query that looks like this ...article_id = ?12345...
instead of this ...article_id = '12345'...

Is this a known bug, a deprecated feature, or syntax error in my code
I've managed to get away with so far?

-- gw

OK, yes, I found that it is deprecated, but that means it should still work?

Anyway, updating the code to a full :conditions syntax works:

   (Comment.count(:conditions => ["article_id = ?", session[:selected_article]]))

-- gw

As far as can I remember, the deprecation warning tells you that this
feature will be removed on rails 2 :slight_smile: