Model Cache instead of Controller Cache.

Hi, I've made a model cache for rails, to use when you want to cache
model instance methods, rather than controller calls. Does anything
similar exist already? Any comments on the implementation?

Since it serializes cached data, it might be good to add the following
to environment.rb to get YAML-support for the rails class autoloading

-- add to environment.rb
# YAML support for class autoloading
YAML.add_domain_type("ActiveRecord,2007", "") do |type, val|
  klass = type.split(':').last.constantize
  YAML.object_maker(klass, val)

class ActiveRecord::Base
  def to_yaml_type
  def to_yaml_properties # only store the attributes

-- model_cache_helper.rb
# ModelCache to use on an ActiveRecord class to cache method calls.

Hi. Yes, I get nice performance improvements since some of the model
methods takes a few seconds with a disabled cache. Seems like a nice
feature when you have database-intensive method calls.

Yes, EDGE seems to have some model caching, but only for a code-block.
Instead, these results are cached until you explicitly call
expire_cache, just like the cache in a controller.


A tiny detail but if you add

    ActiveRecord::Base.send(:include, ModelCacheHelper)

in environment.rb, you'll no longer have to explicitely include it,
and you'd just have to write:

    cache_method :heavy_calculation

Alain Ravet