model_auto_completer 1.5.0

model_auto_completer 1.5.0 is out:

-- 1.5.0 (31 March 2008)    * Wrote semi-automated test suite    * New option :append_random_suffix to be able to turn random suffixes off    * New option :submit_on_return, alias of :send_on_return    * Marked :send_on_return as deprecated    * Documented dependency with auto_complete in Rails 2    * Updated copyright    * Added :url option to support named routes    * Revised and simplified documentation    * Fixed the way the macro auto_complete_belongs_to_for figures out the      class name of the association    * Fixed a bug that showed up when you selected two items with the mouse    * :submit_on_return no longer checks the browser

What's this?

model_auto_completer is a Rails plugin that provides autocompletion for models. That is, the user autocompletes a text field, but the widget is able to manage a hidden field that stores the ID of the model that corresponds to the selected completion.

Such a widget may be useful when the number of options is too much for a select. Say you need to assign a director to a movie having a database of hundreds of directors. With this plugin it is easy to let the user autocomplete by director name, and have a robust database ID managed under the hood.

-- fxn

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