Mobile Authentication Solutions

Hi All,

I've been working on a web based and a mobile based application that
incorporates Facebook, Twitter, and Google services. So far, I have the
following completed:

(Web Based):
Standard Registration (through Devise)
Facebook Registration (through Omniauth)
Twitter Registration (through Omniauth)
Google Registration (through OpenID)

I'm able to add new services, delete services, and manage all users
through the web without issue.

(Mobile Based):
Mobile browser detection capabilities enabled
Mobile functionality enabled through (JQMobile)
Standard Registration (through Devise)
Facebook Registration (through Omniauth)
- Issues
Twitter - Not Currently Functional
Google - Not Currently Functional

I've been having issues with enabling Twitter and Google and can't seem
to find any mobile documentation for omniauth on the web.

Does anyone know if there is a more standardized authentication solution
in place for mobile devices? Or, am I going to have to continue ironing
out the remaining pieces on my own?