Hi there,

I've just installed the full Rails stack on a Slicehost Ubuntu VPS using deprec 1.7.1. I've successfully deployed my app and it all works fine with one exception (albeit a rather fatal one) : I'm using Authenticated System (podcast - Revision 51: /lib authenticated_system.rb) to handle user log-in but I'm seeing no HTTP_AUTHORIZATION or X-HTTP_AUTHORIZATION header in the request, hence log-in fails miserably.

The same version of Apache (2.2.4) is configured in exactly the same way on my production server (httpd.conf and apps/myapp.conf are identical on both systems), and the auth headers are present on that system and everything works fine. Would anyone be able to help out?

Thanks in advance.


Solved. Ensure you change the value of:


when deploying to a different domain!