Missing HTML using Caches_page


I am having some issues with pages that are being cached using
caches_pages. This seems to be new behavoir although I can't be sure
as it might have been happening on pages and going unnoticed.

Sometimes the html file written by caches_page is blank, other times
it's incomplete. Neither with any exceptions thrown or errors logged.

Google searches didn't turn up much of anything but it is quite a bit
of a problem.

If anyone has any experiences with this, any information would be very helpful.

The setup is as follows :

Mongrel 1.0.1
Ruby 1.8.4
Apache 2.2

Database is MySQL sitting on a separate box. Both boxes are not having
any load issues. The Mongrel box is a Dual Xeon with 2 gigs of RAM and
300gigs of RAID 5 15k SCSI.