migration foreign key

Hi All,

I am trying add a foreign key using db:migrate and getting error. I didn't any documentation on the syntax, if some one has a link, please send it to me if not, please have a look at the following and tell me what am I doing wrong?

class name < ActiveRecord:Migration    def self.up       create_table :master ...       end

      add_index :fav, ["lid"], :name => "fk_lid"

      create_table:child ....       end

      add_constraint "fk_lid" foreign_key ( "lid" ) references :child ("id")   end

  def self.down       drop_table :child       drop_table :master    end end

Here is the link that had a good example http://www.robbyonrails.com/articles/2005/11/11/rails-migrations-and-postgresql-constraints