Migrating Sans Migrations

I'm trying to add a table to an already established ruby on rails
system, but I don't have access to a shell where I host my site, so I
can't use the automated migration. Luckily the new table is similar
enough in functionality to another that I've taken the controller/
model/view/helper files for the other table, copied them and then
modified slightly to fit the new functionality. I can go to the list
page for the new table, follow the link to the create page, type in
everything and click create, but the new item never appears, and the
database is unchanged. Rails never complains at all, and since the
database isn't changing I know its not a problem with the display
code(yet). So my question is, is there something besides creating all
the files, some config file i need to change somewhere to make this
work, or is it really just not meant to work in a non-automated way?
the URL is www.askreilly.com, and the 'new quotes section' is the one
I can't get to work. Thanks lots. ~R