Message Queue for Rails?

So, MQ was an active area for a while with several contenders like AP4R.

Many libs seemed focused on triggering long or scheduled processes, and
not really for connecting many small apps together to build responses
for a Rails front-end app.

After some googling, it seems like activity has dies off. AP4R seems to
have stalled (I can't find anything newer than a year old). None of the
projects that surfaced from 05 through 08 seems to have become the de
facto "winner" that I can see.

I'm looking for a MQ system that's not about just offloading long or
scheduled activities, but for real-time messaging to connect several
small independent Rails/Ruby apps to build a Rails page.

I'm hoping to find something that can handle a number of different data
formats for replies (XML, YAML, native AR objects or maybe even
marshalled ruby objects).

Any suggestions on the best contenders?

-- gw

Jruby + JMS is your best bet. That is what I do and works great.


After continuing to sift through older articles and following up, I'm
finding som e stuff about Apache's ActiveMQ / ActiveMessaging / STOMP.
Still sorting through what it does and how it integrates. Most info is
again from 2007. Anyone have any recent interaction with this setup?

-- gw

Maik Schmidt's PragProg-book "Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails"
may help you out :wink: He's using ActiveMQ and is integrating JMS with
Ruby as well as Active Messaging.