Merging multiple AR result hashes into one for view loop

Need some opinions about the best way to go about this. I
know :include does something similar, though I'm not sure if thats
what I need.

I have a Users model which :has_many of several other models, we'll
call them model1, model2, model3 for example.

As of right now I have something like this in my controller:

@result1 = User.model1
@result2 = User.model2
@result3 = User.model3

Now the various models that belong to User have various different
columns/attributes in them, but they do share a common attribute of a
time column.

For use in one of my view I want to, for example, combine @result1,
@result2 and @result3 in one main @results hash and order them all by
time. Then in my view I can do one simple loop such as:

for result in @results

I suppose there is a way to do this with either a Ruby (zip?) hash
merging method or a single AR call/join. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Also I was thinking maybe a combo of :include and :join might work? I
can't seem to get the syntax right.


Ah ok, arrays make them much easier to deal with. Thanks I'll give
this a try.