Memory footprint

Hi Everybody,
my rails 1.2.5 application runs in a linux embedded environment with
serious memory constraints. I would need to know how small a memory
footprint I can hope to get. I run ligthtpd with only one dispatch and
I did already remove actionmailer and actionwebservice which I do not
need. Currently top shows a memory footprint of 720K for lighttpd and
25M for the dispatch.fcgi process.
The smallest the footprint, the better so any suggestion on how to
reduce it is very well accepted.

Thank you in advance,

That’s about as small as you can get. I love Rails, but it is a memory hog and it’s only going to grow as you implement more features / serve more users.

IIRC the unicode tables are quite big, and if you don't need the
multibyte love you can probably lose them.


Have you tested this with 2.0? I assume the footprint will be much
smaller with a lot of functionality moving to plugins.


As far as finding features moving to plugins, just keep an eye on your
log file as you will get a deprecation warning for anything. 2.0 has
been really stable for a while now and RC2 was released today which is
hoped to be the final release before 2.0 (which may just bee a week or
2 away)!


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