Mechanize gem. What's the price?


I've been trying to fix a problem when making a https request using
No matter how I tried I was getting and EOF error.

Then I tried with Mechanize gem and it worked like a charm.

The code I use now for Mechanize is:

agent =
agent.keep_alive = true

page ="https://somewhereintime.bla", {'tagid' => 'b6',
'source' => 'email' })

The code I was using with Net::HTTP was (gives me EOF error):

url = URI.parse("https://somewhereintime.bla")
req =
req.set_form_data({ 'tagid' => 'b6', 'source' => 'email' })
res =, 443).start {|http| http.request(req)}
res.use_ssl = true