MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine - Release 0.2.5

MasterView Release 0.2.5 fixes compatibility of AdminPages with Rails 1.1.5+.

MasterView is a rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine
plugin that provides another option to the existing rails view
templates (rhtml and rxml). The main idea is to provide a template
engine that would provide all the power of layouts, partials, and
rails helpers but still be editable/styleable in a WYSIWYG editor. It
was also a major goal that the syntax of these attribute directives be
very similar to rails helpers so that one could intuitively start
using MasterView with little learning curve other than knowing rails.
MasterView was inspired by Amrita, Kwartz, Tapestry, Zope/PHP TAL,
Liquid, and Web Objects but designed with a fresh approach and
specifically targetted for rails users.

Release Notes

Release 0.2.5
The security fix of Rails 1.1.5 and 1.1.6 changed the way that
controllers are found by limiting the load path. This caused the
configurable MasterView admin page controller to not be located.
MasterView release 0.2.5 fixes this incompatibility by extending the
Fix rake mv:view_rhtml RHTML=foo/_bar.rhtml was not able to find partials
Fix rails environment not being passed into configuration
Added default generate filter which will add in a default generate
directive if none is found in template
Changed default_parser_options to be merged in with original set
rather than to be absolute replacement
Corrected example settings.rb win32 tidy_path to point to tidy.dll not tidy.exe.

Release 0.2.4

Fixed apache2 scgi problem where masterview was not being loaded at startup.
Added Interactive template console to admin pages for testing/learning
how masterview directives worrk.