marshal data too short -- getting this all the time now

hi jeff!

Jeff Pritchard [25.02.2007 02:26]:

I'm getting this never before seen error quite a bit all of a
sudden: marshal data too short

what helped in my case was to set the type of the 'data' column in
the 'sessions' table to 'longtext' (or 'mediumtext') instead of 'text'.

note, however, that this is specific to mysql and if you're using
migrations you need to set it manually: t.columns << 'data longtext'
(at the end of your 'create_table' block).


Hi, I ended up with this problem, but having a six hundred thousands
records in my sessions tableā€¦
Surely've been hacked;
The site are protected with a simple login page (salt & hash, successful
create a user session) and is just on the web for development/production
I wonder exactly how it has happenned; The logs don't show any
activities !!!
might be something like XSS, but if it seems obvious for some of you,
thanks for the info you'd provide.