MapServer setup with rails in ubuntu 12.04

Hi i have one rails application in which i need to setup the mapserver i have added the gem

but while running the command

require "rubygems"
require "ruby_mapscript"
include Mapscript

it use to tell me
LoadError (cannot load such file -- mapscript):

can anybudy help me on this

Thanks in Advance


just add this to the Gemfile

gem “ruby_mapscript”

and execute “bundle install”.

Then, You don’t need to require it manually

When the rails application start, it will require it automatically.

2013년 5월 20일 월요일 오후 4시 22분 34초 UTC+9, Arvind Vyas 님의 말:

yes i have added it in my gem list inside the rvm , i am working with rails 2.3.5 so i dont have any bundle that what i can not do bundle install.

Even if you add the gem to your system gem path, a rails application doesn’t use it.
We have to add it to a Gemfile. You can find the Gemfile at the root directory of your rails application.

make sure install bundler, before you hit the bundle install.

execute this to install bundler

gem install bundler

sorry , but it is rails2 application and as i am working since 1 year i did not see any Gemfile on this , my all other gem are working fine but getting problem with this gem only , i do not know weather it has any relation with mapserver or not , because i do not have a mapserver


Sorry, Rails2 must be somthing different from 3 or 4.

I looked into the ruby_mapscript gem.

I ran the test… then failed. The gem might be broken.