Manage of dynamic tables.

Hi group,

Im new at here and I hope someone could give me a hand, im building an
app witch is going to manage big amount of contacts, but my problem is
that I need to accept a variety of columns from my customers, so i was
planning to do this:

Have a table named Lists on witch I would manage some other tables
that I would built dynamically respecting the user data, so if an user
want to upload a csv with 6 columns, I create a table with arbitrary
random name with 6 columns plus my control columns.
So schema looks like:

Lists > id, company_id, name, table_name (this would be my dynamically
created table name)

My dynamic tables would have, I already have a datatype parser for
colums data type definition.
Table# > id, email, creation_date, column1, column2, column3.....

My problem with this schema is that I don't know how to manage
dynamically created tables. If you could give me a hand or some
ideas, I appreciate it.

Thanks very much

Or maybe some other way to get this done ?
Thanks very much