Make #underscore reversible

Hello All,   I've submitted a patch ( to enable #underscore to be reversible.

  I had trouble creating a class named "CRSContact", and it turns out that underscore and camelize are not reversible in cases where there are 3 or more capital letters. As there is a dependency between class name and file name I think it would be beneficial for underscore to be reversible, however this would change the existing behavior of how it handles acronyms.


Rich C.

The standard approach to acronyms in class names is to capitalize only the first letter, e.g., CrsContact. The underscore/camelize process is then perfectly reversible.

- Jamis

I ran into this same situation and just went with the Rails flow. Aesthetically the class name is not ideal, but the underscore crs_contact is certainly nicer than c_r_s_contact. Given that hundreds of apps probably rely on this behaviour it seems like a bad idea to change it.