make_resourceful 0.1.0 Release!

I am extremely proud to put the code up live for make_resourceful! I
have been astonished by the positive feedback I've been receiving
since our talk at this year's RailsConf. So much pressure to get this
thing out!

If you haven't heard about it... then check out my slides from
or listen to the Rails Podcast where I spend a good amount of time
talking about make_resourceful

This code is still alpha. Its a complete re-write of our prototype
code and a vast improvement in style. I'm proud of 98% of the code in
there, but there are some rough edges... so feel free to put in
patches! We need people to get involved... I need some core people to
help make this thing the best addition to rails since..... well,

There is also a Google group where you can ask questions and submit
your patches.

So, download your copy and get started!!!



Hello Hampton,

I quite enjoyed your presentation at RailsConf this year! I'm looking
forward to using your plugin, and (I hope) contributing to it.
Exciting times!


Seth Morabito
Loom Communications