Make for Ruby 1.9.3 results in "cc1: out of memory allocating X bytes after a total of Y bytes"

You’ll definitely want to free up some RAM - 368M out of 512M used is going to seriously cramp the compilation process, especially without any swap. What else is running on the VPS that’s eating up all that RAM?

–Matt Jones

The other process running on the VPS was the cPanel environment. This is a common domain management interface offered by many hosting providers.

I was able to get around this issue simply by upgrading my account to a 768 MB package. Although this did not solve the original question asked in this thread, it allowed me to move forward and get closer to releasing working software.

So to all those out there trying to install Ruby on Rails in VPS environments, go straight for the 768 MB solution. That is unless you can figure out how to manage memory better. If you figure that out, please post here for others.