MacBook Pro Purchase

I'm not entirely sure this is the right forum for this and if it isn't
I sincerely apologize for the noise.

I'm looking to purchase my first Mac to do my Rails work in and rather
than going to purchase a shiny new one right off the bat ... I thought
I would check around and see if anyone happened to have an older model
sitting around that they perhaps upgraded recently or just don't use
any longer.

I'm looking for a 15" or 17" Macbook Pro ... so if you happen to have
one sitting around and would like some extra cash for it ... please
shoot me an email to bryansray [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks, guys.

ps. I've tried craigslist and gotten responses from people who have
all strangely just "moved to the UK" ... and I don't want to get

:slight_smile: It's Rails related enough for me.

I would just like to tell you - spend the money and buy an air.
Imagine... making those $100/hour that we RoR developers are supposed
to make, you could sit on a beach in Hawaii without a care in the
world, lol.


Are you getting a Mac because you actually want to switch to a Mac, or
because you heard the cool kids use it for Rails?

/me will not sell his $3500 Textma..err.. text editor.

But I might be interested in trading it for half-a-dozen Asus Eee's.

Hmmm.... let me see: slower hard-drive; one USB port; no FireWire; no
optical drive; no Ethernet jack; no modem port; no PC card slot; slow CPU
(1); might even have problems with USB cellular data modems too (2).

And $1800 for a machine *slower* than a MacBook. Nah, Ill pass.
Apple cut too many corners to keep Al Gore happy.



(2) If you're on a beach a cellular data modem would be nice but:

Switch? A person can't own more than one computer? :slight_smile:

Ebay, and the apple refurbished online store are your best bets.