Looking For New Project Maintainer(s)

I’m looking to officially hand off a few ruby projects to hackers capable of being more diligent about updates and responding to users than I. :frowning: Source code for all these is on GitHub, though not all are public. I wish I had time for all these, but the users deserve better than I’m able to provide. Here’s a breakdown of the projects waiting for your love:

Miscellaneous projects:

  • railroady Ruby on Rails 3 model and controller UML class diagram generator. Originally based on the “railroad” plugin and contributions of many others. Currently working but has a few outstanding bugs. Seems somewhat popular I guess.

  • ruby-prolog A simple Prolog DSL implementation written in ruby. As academic and stupid as it sounds, I actually have seen people using it in the wild and periodically get good questions about it outside of the compsci-y space. As long as you understand lambda calculus it’s pretty easy to grok.

  • Starfield Proof-of-concept 3D interactive star-field simulation written in pure Ruby packaged as an OSX .app. (Runs JRuby internally.) Hasn’t been updated in a long time. Written to demonstrate that we (the Ruby community) could actually write and distribute Ruby .app’s (for OSX) that do complex things like interactive 4D simulations.

  • Twiverse 95% same code as above but displays tweets instead. Hasn’t been updated in a long time. Again… proof-of-concept only and very slow implementation.

Kindle-related projects:

  • kindle-drm PID and checksum finder for Kindle 2 and prior models. Probably needs updates for Kindle 3.

  • kindle-drm-stripper Unreleased ruby code developed for research purposes only that has not been released into the wild. Was written for Kindle 2 hardware. Needs updating for Kindle 3. You can probably guess what it does.

  • KindleTools Currently hosted at http://kindletools.prestonlee.com. Just a stupid rails web form frontend for the most common “kindle-drm” gem use case: finding a Kindle PID. Has been used by over 20,000 Kindle fans. DOES NOT PROVIDE AN INTERFACE FOR “kindle-drm-stripper” GEM for obvious reasons. Would be much better as a simple Sinatra app or something… rails is way overkill. I will hand over the code and perma-redirect to your new site, but not any of the logs or statistical data to project the users.

Please forward to other lists/colleagues that may be interested.