Looking for more guinea pigs, new icalendar gem

I recently made the new icalendar library for Ruby which I've been
working on for the past six months available on github


I plan to also put this on rubyforge (the project has been created
already), but I want it to get a little more grilling from users
before really pushing it out into the world, and I figure that github
users might be a little more willing and understanding to work with
slightly less mature code.

This is a completely new library, it's based on neither the icalendar
nor vpim gems, which both do a very good job of parsing icalendar
data, but don't try to do things like understanding icalendar time
zones and recurring events. In ri_cal, I took those tasks as the main

I've made some low-key announcements about ri_cal on my blog:


It's gotten some interest, there are currently 79 folks watching it on
github. But I'd like some more bug reports!

There is a google group for discussion at
http://groups.google.com/group/rical_gem anyone is welcome to join.
I've set it up so that initial postings are moderated to avoid it
becoming a spam trap.

There is also a lighthouse project for bug tickets:

I should have mentioned this in the first post, but another design
goal of ri_cal is to work well with the time zone support in Rails >
2.2, but not to require it.

It does need an implementation of tzinfo, but is happy to use either
the tzinfo gem or the implementation in ActiveSupport, the application
is free to satisfy the requirement by requiring one or the other
before requiring ri_cal.

This is awesome! I was looking for a clean iCal implementation for
Ruby, great minds think alike. I'll be playing with this over the
weekend, building a simple rails app to test out its features. I might
try to write some code to synchronize local and external (google)
calendars, we'll see how that goes..

either way, thanks for the great release. keep em coming.