Looking for full-stack dev Partner

We are a small but dedicated startup that is creating the next generation crowdsourcing platform. We have spent the past two years building and launching our product and are now gaining paying customers at a good clip.

It’s time for us to expand the core development team by adding another Partner.

Want to be employee #3?

We are looking for a very special teammate:

  • join our core product team

  • expand our core crowdsourcing platform

  • breath life into new and awesome features

  • drive innovation

  • help to build a fantastic company

You love working in startups. You love wearing multiple hats and are extremely curious. You are a staunch technologist. We prefer a degree in CS or equiv (formal training is good but it’s not required), have 3+ years with RoR and associated back-end and front-end technologies (Angular, Bootstrap, etc.)

** This is an equity only role. **

Full time or part time? We are open to either. Realistically, we don’t expect anyone to jump in full-time at the beginning. Start small and grow with success.

Will this turn into a full-time gig? You bet. Long term we would love 100% of your commitment. But we don’t need to rush into it.

Will this ever be a paying gig? You bet. But since this is a partner role, its equity to start. We can add a cash component down the road. The beauty of equity is that aligns all of our interests perfectly.

Who are we?

On-demand crowdtesting for websites and mobile apps. Our platform has 30,000 testers around the world.


We are startup veterans, who have founded and sold several companies before this. We know the difference between hiring a contractor and bringing on a new partner…we are looking for our next partner.

We look forward to hearing from you. Ping us and say hi!



mattc [at] mycrowd.com