looking for fix to content-length = 1 byte with x_sendfile

I am trying to use sendfile to send files and am using the :x_sendfile
=> true option. I am experiencing problem that the content length of
any file is truncated to 1 byte. The problem appears to be well
documented - there is even a fix described here - http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/7643.
I migrated my app to Rails 2.1 and still the problem exists.

As a (stopgap) solution you can add this code (to an initializer, lib,

# Does not allow for manually set Content-Length to be overriden (adds

= instead of =)

class ActionController::AbstractResponse
  def set_content_length!
    self.headers["Content-Length"] ||= body.size unless

This will use any pre-existing Content-Length first if there is one.