Looking for Developer

Hi all-

We are looking for a developer/programmer to build a custom social networking website sollution for our particular needs (target audience). We currently have some graphics, a logo, and are completing a visual mockup of what we want it to look like. This would be a full featured private social networking site with a focus on simplicity. it would include group chats, photo and video uploading, chat functionality with skype tie-in, mail, etc... This would be work for hire. We have a product spec for review. We anticipate ~4 weeks to complete. please respond by email to timrossllc@gmail.com.


I can do some graphics and 3D movies such as trailers etc. Didn't yet coded the entire social network site. It can cost much of the time and money. If you need some graphics in 2D and 3D I can help. You can respond at my email. Regards