Lone Star Rubyconf 2008 - Now Accepting Speaker Proposals

Greetings from LSRC 2008

The second annual Lone Star Ruby Conference is now accepting speaker proposals for the Sep 4-6 conference in Austin, TX.

All Ruby-related topics will be considered. Speakers will receive free admission to the conference and the training sessions.

Speakers: To submit a proposal for a 45-minute session, please provide the following:

  Name   Phone Number   Title   Abstract (< 500 words)   Email the above to: submit _at_ LoneStarRubyconf.com

This year we have added an optional day of hands-on training on the first day of the conference. Trainers will receive free admission to the conference, as well as compensation (amount TBD) for training.

Courses can be either 3hr (half day) or 6hr (full day). It is recommended that courses be team taught.

Trainers: When submitting a course curriculum outline, remember that a training course is not an extended talk. Trainers should provide labs and hands on learning experiences for the participants. An idea course submission will contain practical skills that participants can take away and begin using immediately to improve their coding.

To submit your proposal, please provide the following:

  Name(s)   Phone Number(s)   Course Length (3 or 6 hr)   Course Title   Curriculum Outline (1 to 2 pages per 3hr class)   Email the above to: submit _at_ LoneStarRubyconf.com

Proposals are due May 3, 2008.

If you have questions, please contact Jim Freeze at info _at_ LoneStarRubyconf.com.