London Ruby User Group - 11th June 2007

Hi all,

The next meeting of the London Ruby User Group is advancing menacingly towards us:

Time: 6:30pm onwards
Location: the Skills Matter offices at 1 Sekeford Street, EC1R 0BEL[1]

Closest tube: Farringdon

Dan Webb will be talking to us about OpenID[2] and how to do it in your ruby apps. If this sounds familiar it’s the talk he was going to give last month but it had to be postponed after the slides had a terrible skydiving accident and had to be re-built with bionic transitions than can swap slides faster than a speeding car and bullet points capable of swooping in from over a mile away!

Tom Armitage is going to host a session running some of Dave Thomas’s Code Kata’s[3]. This will involve breaking the meeting up into crack programmer units tasked with solving a problem they didn’t think up! Each group will then attempt to escape from these programming exercise stockades and escape to the Los Angeles underground where they will survive as programmers of fortune!

After this brutal ruby-based onslaught the survivors will form up into a rag tag group and go off in search of the 13th colony, known locally as The Crown Tavern[4], where we will be free of cylon attack and able to relax with a frosty glass of ambrosia and chat about the adventures we had on the way.

If you are coming, it’s
important that you register with Skills Matter via their LRUG page[5]. Registration numbers will be used by Skills Matter to work out seating and make sure we get the most
appropriate room in The Village. Non-registrants may not get in and it’s possible they will be chased by a Rover, so you probably want to make sure you do register.

More (non-tv-show-based) information is to be had on the LRUG website[6], should you want it.

Hope to see you there.



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[2] [](