Loading files in Rails lib folder?

How does the lib folder work in Rails 3?

In Rails 2.x you would add require statements in application.rb, fx:


# blip.rb
puts "BLIP"

# application.rb
require 'blip'

OK, it seems it works using autoload, being lazy loaded when accessed.
But what if I want to force it to be loaded when rails starts?
Appending a require 'blip' in application.rb I am told no such file
exists!? Would I have to insert it in an initializer?

# lib/blip.rb

puts "Blip loaded!"
class Blip
  def self.blip
    puts "Blip Blip!"

$ rails console
Creating Devise.mapping methods for user
Loading development environment (Rails 3.0.0.beta3)
ruby-1.9.2-head > Blip.blip
Blip loaded!
Blip Blip!
=> nil
ruby-1.9.2-head >

Yes, it worked by inserting the require statements in the