LiveValidation and form_remote_tag

Luca Roma wrote:

form_remote_tag(:update => "ListDateDiv", :url=> { :action =>
'new_date'},:complete => "onEventDateInsered()",:html=>{:multipart =>

I have an ajax form with some fields.

var place_site_v = new LiveValidation('place_site',
{insertAfterWhatNode: "PlaceSiteValidatorReport" ,validMessage:
"",onlyOnBlur: true});
  place_site_v.add(Validate.Format, { pattern:
failureMessage: "Indirizzo sbagliato! Es." });

In this fields if i use LiveValidation the attribure onsubmit of form is
override form LiveValidation and ajax not works.

How i can do?


Hi Luca,

The new release of LiveValidation is on its way soon, which has had an
overhaul on the events registration which now means that any previously
defined events on those that LiveValidation hooks onto will be
preserved (ie when using form_remote_tag and observe_field etc)

I have tagged a stable beta version in the repository at:


which you can grab and should solve your problem, and should just slot
in without any modifications to your code.

Let me know if you encounter any problems if you decide to give it a try