LiteSpeed for Ruby on Rails

Yep, litespeed is a great solution. I really wish they'd quit focusing
on its speed and instead start marketing it as the perfect solution for
in-house configurations by people with limited deployment knowledge.
Targeting the "medium" sized in-house development shops that need
commercial support and an "Enterprise Application Server" before their
software can even touch a production system would sell litespeed like

They could totally own the "But all we have are BLANK administrators!"
market. Setting BLANK to "WebSphere", "IIS", ".NET", "MCSE", "WebLogic",
"Oracle", or whatever management thinks up.

But, instead they insist on comparing their performance with other
servers, which really only developers care about and developers don't
buy the software.

Anyway, I like litespeed too. I'm telling people who have no sysadmin
experience at all to go grab it. $400 is nothing compared to time lost
learning Unix wizardry.