link_to_remote with

Hi   In helper I have change_email_link   html =   html << change_email_js(:email => @email)   html << %{   <a href="#" onclick="javascript:popup_email();" style='text-decoration:none;'>edit</a>   }   html.join end      Now def change_email_js(options ={})   %{   <script>   popup_email = function() {'#{     %{     <div style="padding-left:20px">    etc......    #{link_to_remote 'Ok',{},{:class => :new_ui_blue_button}}   </div>   }.gsub("\n",'')}', {title:'&nbsp;',width:400, overlayClose: false,modelPosition:'center',overlayDuration:0.001,slideDownDuration:0.001,slideUpDuration:0.0001});   }   </script> } end

       My problem is This does not popup the modalbox. But when I remove the line #{link_to_remote 'Ok',{},{:class => :new_ui_blue_button}} Or change this link_to_remote to link_to everything works as expected What might be the reason Please help

Thanks in advance Sijo