link_to + image_tag

i want to integrated link_to with image_tag

before i did link_to with image_tag like this

<%=link_to image_tag(image.filename
but now
<%=image_tag ("/trx/images/ob.gif",:alt=>‘mob’,:title=>‘mob’)%>

now i want to display the text from link_to tag also

how to do pls reply

I don’t think i really get it…

do u mean u want to have both the image and the text included in the link???

if it is so, simply concatenate those as following

<%= link_to image_tag(image.filename,:size=>‘110x85’) + “Pass” , {:action=>‘thumb_crop’, :controller=>‘light’,:id=>} %>

keep in mind that image_tag() and even link_to() returns strings in the end. and available for string operations

hope it helped

I don't know whether I follow you, the following may not help but let's try.

The first argument of link_to is an arbitrary HTML fragment. You can
put there whatever you want.

The helper image_tag just returns a string containing HTML: "<img ...
/>", and that is what link_to receives in the first example. Just a
vanilla Ruby string. You can build on that one to pass whatever you
want to link_to.