Link_to explicitly to route

Why there is no syntax to explicitly link_to route? (I am new to Rails)

I’ve got this defined route.

  get "/donate", to: "contributions#donate"

Linking to it with explicit /donate param will break URL if route changes and the users will get 404 errors.

  = link_to "Donate reglarly", "/donate"

I found no way to validate that all link_to URLs exist before deployment, and I doubt that with /donate it is possible, because it is just raw “href” value that doesn’t know anything about routes of controllers.

What I expected is a way to explicitly link to route to get an error if there is a link_to that refers to missing route. I thought that something like this should be possible.

  = link_to "Donate reglarly", route: "/donate"

There is a possibility to use as: donate in route and then donate_url in link code, but that’s not intuitive and requires non-trivial rules to grep the code for all links to /donate.