lighttpd exits, don't know why

Hi, I'm new to Rails and was trying out the tutorial that they give on
the apple website

I installed everything including lighttpd, and I got up to the point
where I want to create
my first record. When I hit the 'create' button, lighttpd quits. If I
have the server running
as a foreground process I get this message and it then closes the
server and returns
to the command line. If I run the webrick server it doesn't exit and
acts as expected.
I don't understand. Does anyone know what could be going wrong? Any
help is

=> Booting lighttpd (use 'script/server webrick' to force WEBrick)
=> Rails application started on
=> Call with -d to detach
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server (see config/lighttpd.conf for options)

Processing ExpensesController#new (for at 2006-10-17
02:20:50) [GET]
  Session ID: 1d6777b6d44d39e2f0a1c8138e54a0a3
  Parameters: {"action"=>"new", "controller"=>"expenses"}
  Account Columns (0.005781) SHOW FIELDS FROM accounts
Rendering within layouts/expenses
Rendering expenses/new
Rendered expenses/_form (0.00393)
Completed in 0.07239 (13 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.01446 (19%) | DB:
0.00578 (7%) | 200 OK [ http://localhost/expenses/new]


This is likely to be the cause of your problem:

You have to edit the lighttpd.conf file and add the following line:

server.event-handler = "freebsd-kqueue"

If that fails, you can always use Webrick instead of Lighttpd by
invoking the server with:

script/server webrick


Aitor, thank you so much for replying. That was the problem.


Hi Nikhil,

I just took the trouble to replace lighty with apache/mongrel on my
development box. You might consider doing the same, since lighty's
development seems to be stalling.


Lighty is under very active development. Perhaps it’s your interest in it that’s stalling?


Well I stand corrected. :slight_smile: Actually, I would probably still be using
it if it could handle upload progress.