Let ActionView follow standards for base-2/base-10 byte units

ActionView’s number_to_human_size helper to “format bytes into a more understandable representation” (used e.g. to display the size of ActionText embeds) displays 1024 bytes as 1 KB. However the IEC/ISO standards nowadays seem to reserve the K, M, G, etc prefixes for powers of 1000 (in line with the metric system), and instead denotes multiples of 1024 bytes with the prefixes Ki, Mi, Gi, etc. This is apparently what e.g. Ubuntu or macOS have been doing for a while.

Shouldn’t ActionView’s helper follow these standards, i.e. either report 1024 bytes as 1.024 KB or 1 KiB, and not 1 KB, to avoid confusion?

I initially became confused when realizing a file displayed as 856 KB in macOS (= 855.538 bytes) shows up as 835.49 KB when embedded in ActionText.

For what it’s worth, Windows still has the majority of the OS market share, and it apparently uses the binary versions of the K, M, G, etc. prefixes. I agree that K = decimal and Ki = binary would be more “correct,” but in terms of user experience and interpretation, it could be more confusing. Maybe an option could be added to use the binary prefixes?

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I guess this could be resolved as follows:

  • Use the prefixes Ki/Mi/Gi for multiples of 1024 instead of the current K/M/G
  • By default, let the method continue to use multiples of 1024, but add an option to get multiples of 1000 instead
  • Optionally and separately, in a future version of rails change the default to multiples of 1000

Please see Added :prefix => :iec option by jarl-dk · Pull Request #7835 · rails/rails · GitHub and related issues. We have no plans to change this method.


Understood. What is the best way to ensure ActionText’s embed captions match the standards and e.g macOS/Ubuntu show?

a file displayed as 856 KB in macOS (= 855.538 bytes) shows up as 835.49 KB when embedded in ActionText

@sdubois, if you’re referring to the Trix editor’s rendering of the file size, I think you might want to check out the Trix repository. After a little digging around, I found what appears to be a configurable filesize formatter. Someone at Basecamp seems to have already anticipated the IEC / SI conflict — it might be as straightforward as changing Trix.config.fileSize.prefix. But I already digress, I don’t think this is a discussion for the RoR core forum.

Good luck!

Thank you @jas14, nice find! This works to have base 1000 with KB/MB units:

Trix.config.fileSize.prefix = "SI"

NB: For those who want KiB/MiB etc, this doesn’t seem to work, it still displays “KB”:

Trix.config.fileSize.prefix = "IEC"
Trix.config.lang.KB = "KiB" // and same for MiB, etc