Lead Ruby on Rails Developer, Charlotte, NC

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Edison Nation is seeking a passionate, talented and self-motivated
Rails developer with excellent communications skills and the ability
to excel in a fast-moving, creative environment. The desires to teach
and learn in an ego-free environment and a good sense of humor are
critical. The good sense of humor part is actually optional if you
don't mind us calling you the R0R-2000.

*A little about us*

Did you see this month's copy of Popular Science? That mechanical hand
on the cover is one of our hundreds of innovative products. Did you
catch Everyday Edisons on PBS last night? That's our television show.
Are you sick of the late-night ads for Gyro Bowl, Mr. Steamy or Emery
Cat yet? Those are all ours, too. We're taking over the world as the
online engine that brings consumer-driven innovation to market. And we
want you to help lead us into the future. You can check us out at

*Charlotte or anywhere*

We're located in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. If you are here
– or would like to relocate here – that's fantastic. If you're more
the telecommuting type and already love the city you're in, we'll
consider a telecommuting position for the right candidate. We use
Skype and 37 Signals' suite of products to keep the team connected,
regardless of location. Check out our blog post for this job for a
look around the office: http://blog.edisonnation.com/2011/05/27/now-hiring-ruby-on-rails/

*More about you*

Candidates should be comfortable working on the full stack of a large
web application. This means everything from maintaining the current
codebase, leading the development of new features, creating new sister
sites and apps, architecting specific solutions when given general
requirements, and optimizing it all for our infrastructure. You will
be given the opportunity to drive the development direction by
choosing the tools you feel best solve the everyday challenges of a
quickly-growing site. We're looking for someone we can trust to make
the important platform decisions and own them. Our main site is a
fairly large rails app spanning over 100 models, several thousand
assertions and around 20,000 LOC.

*Required skills*

* Ruby on Rails
* jQuery and Javascript
* Capistrano
* Test driven development with Test::Unit
* Linux administration

*Preferred skills*

* Nginx + Passenger
* Memcached
* Amazon S3
* E-commerce experience
* Haml
* ActiveMerchant
* Shoulda


If you have the communication skills and maturity of a university
graduate, we could care less where – or if – you went to school. On
the other hand, if you went to a really nice school, we'll make a
point to sound impressed when you tell us about it. With the cost of
higher education these days, it should at least get you something.

*A little more about us*

We're profitable. We're a startup of around 3 years but our sister
company has been around for almost a decade. We have several
international sites scheduled to go live (or begin development) soon
so our Web team is starting to grow pretty quickly.


* Salary negotiable
* Excellent healthcare/dental insurance
* Work with a large team of diverse professionals
* Access to a fleet of boats on Lake Norman through our Carefree Boats
* Appear on our television show and your parents will finally
understand what you do for a living

*To apply*

Please send a very solid cover letter, a resume if you have one, URLs
for your best apps, and your Github account to

* No Recruiters
* No Contractors
* No Outsourcing Shops

Seriously, if you are a recruiter, contractor or body shop, we're just
going to mark your email as spam if you send it to us. Your witty
email isn't going to change that, either. We'll just figure out a way
to click the spam button twice.