Launching : New Rails Bootcamp in Dayton, OH -- Need Help


I’m building a Developer Bootcamp in Dayton focusing on Rails – and wanting to know if any Rails devs might be interested in partnering up – essentially being an instructor? I’m hoping to run this on a small scale w/ minimal staff - but tuition will be $10k and I’m expecting 15-25 students per 16 week (overlapping terms) so it could be very profitable.

Our curriculum will mostly be online resources and used during the pre-training phase I.E. BEFORE attending class w/ in-class work being mostly working on REAL projects, code challenges, etc… always doing it in pairs, and working in teams, learning TDD/BDD and agile methods.

I’m wanting someone to teach more of the testing/agile/team aspects of coding in Rails and how to deploy apps, stuff that isn’t covered by TeamTreehouse, Codeschool, and CodeAcademy. – The teaching aspects would only require a couple hours per day as rest of day would be spent on coding projects and building things.

Our goal is to build startups locally, or encourage the startup community here, and bring companies like Twitter and Foursquare to the Miami Valley by building talent that could potentially live here but work remotely for a big firm elsewhere.

If you know any one who’d be a good match or who would like to sponsor us, please let me know.

Warm Regards,

Patrick Curl

Unfortunately, no. I’ve moved to Provo, Utah now, though.

I’m actually wanting to start a Dev Shop CoOp focusing on Rails, AngularJS, and MeteorJS for hybrid web/mobile apps.