knowledge management in OSS communities

Dear All,

I am a PhD student in Durham University. My research topic is
"Knowledge management and innovation in virtual organisations". The
aim of my thesis is to assess how and to what extent knowledge is
created, shared, and circulated in the open source software (OSS)
communities. In my empirical studies I am collecting primary data from
members/developers of the OSS communities.

Because you are the one who can give me a correct picture of how you
experience your contribution to OSS activities, I would be grateful if
you could spend no more than 15 minutes and answer my questionnaire -

The information you provide will help me to reach the aim of my
thesis. Your response will be kept strictly confidential. There will
be some prizes - gift vouchers for GBP 20 from Amazon. A summary of
the results will be e- mailed to you after the data has been analysed.
Also I will place the summary of the results to my website (http:// Thank you very much for your time and
cooperation. I greatly appreciate your help in contributing to this
research endeavour.

Kind regards,

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Zilia Iskoujina
PhD Student in e-Business

Durham University
Durham Business School