JSON - all keys should be quoted?

I noticed that as of rails 2.x all hash keys were intended to be
double quoted in JSON encodings. Indeed there's an ActiveSupport test
method called "test_hash_key_identifiers_are_always_quoted". I noticed
however that this isn't actually the case -- numeric keys are not
double quoted:

{1 => 2}.to_json

=> "{1: 2}"

Is this intentional or a bug? If all keys were double quoted this
would become:

{1 => 2}.to_json

=> "{\"1\": 2}"

It is a bug. JSON doesn’t allow data types for keys other than strings. It also dictates, as you’ve noticed, double quote marks.

Ok. Added a patch for this:


I've actually gone ahead and submitted this as a proper patch/ticket
to lighthouse.


If anyone has a second to verify this, would be great. Thanks -