JRuby and tests

Using JRuby / ActiveRecord-JDBC / PostgreSQL 8.1 I get

jruby --command rake test
(in /Users/stevel/Publisher)
rake aborted!
Task not supported by 'jdbc'

Is it really the case that testing is not yet supported by
ActiveRecord-JDBC or am I missing something obvious?

Actually, yeah, what you are seeing is the artifact of the big hack
that is db:test:clone_structure.

If you are using migrations, you can use them to create your test
database instead, and that will likely work much better with AR-JDBC.
Put the following snippet in a "jdbc.rake" file in your lib/tasks
directory and away you go. Let me know if this works for you.

See also http://www.nabble.com/forum/ViewPost.jtp?post=9474383&framed=y
for more background.

--- begin rake snippet
## Build the test database using migrations rather than dumping the
schema and loading fixtures

# Here we clear out prereqs and actions for the db:test:prepare task
so that it can be redefined
Rake::Task["db:test:prepare"].send :instance_variable_set,
"@prerequisites", FileList[]
Rake::Task["db:test:prepare"].send :instance_variable_set, "@actions", []

namespace :db do
namespace :test do
   task :prepare => %w(environment db:test:migrate_schema)

   desc 'Use the migrations to create the test database'
   task :migrate_schema => 'db:test:purge' do |t|
     ActiveRecord::Schema.verbose = t.application.options.trace
--- end rake snippet