jquery mobile update div tag


I’m hoping there’s Rails developers who are working with jquery mobile and can help me out with this simple thing. I’m trying to update a div on a page with an Ajax call and it doesn’t work. If I call jquery directly from the browser, the div gets updated. However, if I call it through a remote call, the div remains unchanged. Here’s my code:

<%= link_to foobar_url, :remote => true, :method => :put, 'data-ajax' => 'false' do %>click<% end %>

def foobar

respond_to do |format|

format.mobile { render :layout => false }



$(‘.mydiv’).html(‘world’); // in foobar.mobile.erb

I don’t understand jquery that well, let alone jquery mobile. I tried adding .page() and .trigger(‘create’) like I’ve found on some posts, but that didn’t do anything. Also, I made sure that the cache tag was not used.




Can you post error your getting that will help you where exactly error is?. And Instead of link have you tried simple Ajax call like $.ajax() .

Thanks for replying. There is no error. The Ajax content is sent back to the browser but it doens’t get executed. What exactly is the simple Ajax call syntax?